Custom Fish Eye Vision Software tailored to your specialized requirements

Fish Eye Vision is the science and engineering that extracts useful information from images. Fish Eye Vision methods are used to acquire, analyze and understand videos and images. Recent growth of digital imaging technology and the prevalence of digital cameras makes Fish Eye Vision solutions practical and cost effective.
Our expertise is in moving Fish Eye Vision from the theoretical academic world into real-world commercial applications.

Making powerful tools easy to use

We are passionate about making software easy to use. Our project teams include experts in human computer interface design, and we pay attention to ensure simple and intuitive user interfaces no matter how complex or powerful the application is.

Cutting-edge solutions that work

Identifying facial expressions in a crowd, or automatically counting and classifying butterflies involves the use of high-level logic and mathematics. That's where we come in. We've assembled an international team of leading experts in the development of practical, easy-to-use ComputerVision applications.

Find out how feasible your project is and what it might cost

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